February 20, 2018

Whiskey N’ Waterbeds Episode #0037

Whiskey N’ Waterbeds
Episode #0037

Slipping on their favorite wrestling tights and gear, Whiskey Brian and Joey F*ckup go head-to-head in chug-a-thon of Old Milwaukee and Four Max. As both come out the victor with a fresh beer buzz, they shower up and get ready to embark on their biggest podcast yet. Coasting thru the streets of Roanoke on their trusted red wagon, they find themselves at the Coffee Pot Roadhouse. Inside…. the Kings of Destructo Rock! Busting thru the doors Joey Fuckup and WhiskeyBrian sit down with the legend and frontman of ANTiSEEN, Jeff Clayton for an amazing interview. Being the hosts they are, they present a gift to the god, a jar of happiness. On this Royal Rumble of a show we’ve got tunes from: ANTiSEEN, Sok and the Faggots, The F’n A-holes, Mr. Plow, and Polecat Boogie Revival. We even manage to sneak an extra interview in with Roanoke’s own Piss Ant front man, Wigga Joe and other tunes from: Motorhead, The Legendary Hucklebucks, Nashville Pussy, Ahb Irato and more! Oil yourself up, pump up those high tops, put on your favorite Garfield shirt and prepare to rock! It’s Destructo Maximus on Whiskey N’ Waterbeds!!!

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