December 15, 2017

Whiskey N Waterbeds Episode #0038

Whiskey N’ Waterbeds
Episode #0038

Trudging through snow, sleet, and freezing rain, Joey F*ckup and Whiskey Brian battled the elements and backfiring livers once more to make their way to the magical and mysterious Stiff Manor for what promised to be a Christmas party like no other! Slamming 4 Loko’s and Wild Turkey American Honey, “Santa’s bad elves” par-tayed to a punk rock holiday shindig hosted by the beautiful leader of Girlie Punk Productions, Rebecca Stiff….scoring an interview with “Mrs. Stiff” and doin’ quite a bit of alcohol abusing with “Mr. Stiff”, or AA refugees socialized with members of local punk bands Piss Ant, Angry Youth, and Douche Newton! Besides vomit, broken glass, and of course, cops, there were tunes from The King Kobras, The Chevelles, Distillers, The Happy Happy Jihads, 66 Breakout and plenty more! Gather up that snow, numb your toes, and stick that carrot in, it’s time for Whiskey N’ Waterbeds!!

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