December 15, 2017

The Hank in Chains Show Episode #0030 (12/16/2009)

The Hank in Chains Show
Episode #0030 (12/16/2009)

This week on The Hank in Chains Show, we will feature Nirvana‘s new live album, “Live at Reading”. It had been a little less than a year since their legendary album Nevermind had been released, and while Kurt Cobain and company were live show legends in the underground rock scene, mainstream America was still becoming acquainted with the band. This 1992 show though, which has been bootlegged for years, helped to further cement Nirvana’s legend. Considered in many circles to be one of the greatest live shows in the history of rock and roll, it has finally been given the official release it has deserved for years.

Other music this week from: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Brian McGee and the Hollow Speed, Watermelon Slim, Mudhoney, Loretta Lynn, Warren Zevon, Alice in Chains, Scott H. Biram, Gram Parsons, William Elliott Whitmore, and Joe Grushecky.

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