December 16, 2017

Whiskey N’ Waterbeds Episode #0034

Whiskey N’ Waterbeds
Episode #0034

Keystone Ice…Southpaw Light…Olympia…Whiskey…N…Waterbeds…Joey F*ckupWhiskey Brian…all fine names for the low-brow, have all been stewed together for the latest knuckle draggin’ testicle-bruisin’ crotch-teaser known as “Episode 34” in this saga of white trash revelry! For this blue-ballin’ humdinger there’s 800LB Gorilla, Jehosophat Blow, Affliction Kid, Trash 5, the Runs, Hotel War, Chuck Norris Experiment, Lothar, and even a special song written for Mr. Fuckup by those arse-kickers themselves, the Middle Fingers! There’s ’60’s garage, classic punk, and even a dedication to Roman Polanski (may he love those “young girls”!) So lay out the Twister mat, grab the baby oil, and invite over the babysitter and her Facebook friends ’cause it’s time to break all laws of nature on “WHISKEY ‘N’ WATERBEDS”!!!!!!!!

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