January 23, 2018

Vertebreaker! Episode #0030 “Sweet Whispers”

Episode #0030″Sweet Whispers”

In this edition of Vertebreaker!, Max Russell, Peter Chestnut, James Edgewood, Michael Madison, and Jeremy Rockwell are in the studio this week. We cover lots of topics including: Breakup Sex, Sex Tapes, Wrong Kid?, Don King, Octa-Mom, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Multiple Children, 7 Days, STD Test, STD Call, THE LIST, Hooking up at the Clinic, Ty’s Sex Tape, Walking in on your Friend, ISU, BJ’s and Poker, BJ’s and Sealab 2021, Balls and Balls, the J Hook, Blue Balls, Rubbing herself with your piece, Drunk Sex, Ty thinks about George Bush while trying to get hard, 2 Guys 1 Horse, Peanut Butter Farts, Pudding Farter, and much more. This show was recorded on March 8th, 2009.

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  1. t.boardman@live.com' Jeremy Rockwell says:

    what am i thinking? WHAT WAS I THINKING!?! haha.. i should know better than to sit with you guys and drink while recording. Hilarious!

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