January 22, 2018

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show Episode #0032 (05/08/2009)

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show
Episode #0032 (05/08/2009)

“Voices Of Unholy Sorrow & Strings Of Ancient Melodys”

This weeks Bootleg will be 40 minutes from a vintage Black Sabbath set. Recorded in 1975 at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ., this show featured songs from their Sabotage album. Also I play 3 song blocks of music. One set from the newest Melvins album “Nude With Boots”. The second set is from a vintage Bon Scott era AC/DC, recorded in 1979 in Holland. The final set is from a never released Hank III album that Curb Records won’t give up rights to called “This Ain’t Country”.

Other artists on this weeks Bootleg Asylum Radio Show include: Kill Van Kull, The Answer, Inquisition, Arson Anthem, Red River Revival, and more.

From now on the Bootleg Asylum Radio Show, Onemorename will be mostly taken all requests from you! If needed, I will fill in some of the requests. Send all requests to my email (Howard@section86.com) or Myspace Page in a comment/message during the week and I will play all requests!

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