January 22, 2018

The Hank in Chains Show Episode #0020 (12/10/2008)

The Hank in Chains Show
Episode #0020 (12/10/2008)

Episode 20 of The Hank in Chains Show will feature the music of legendary country singer/songwriter, Merle Haggard. In many ways the bridge between Buck Owens and Waylon Jennings, Haggard’s music was in many ways just as “outlaw” as the country artists that made the term popular in the 1970s, if not more so. In addition to being the master of the prison number, Haggard has explored several other topics in his songs during his long, illustrious career, and is truly one of the greatest songwriters and stylists in the history of music.

Artists/bands on this week’s show include: John Lennon, Robert Johnson, Fred Eaglesmith, Brendan Benson, Dale Watson, White Iron Band, The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, Caitlin Rose, Howlin Wolf, Scott Weiland, The Dirty Guv’nahs, and Mudcrutch.

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