February 20, 2018

Vertebreaker! Episode #0024 “Zebra Sheets”

Episode #0024 “Zebra Sheets”

This edition of Vertebreaker! features Max Russell, Peter Chestnut, Rooster Cogburn, James Edgewood, and Robert Tingle.  The 5 of us talk about a long range of topics including: Going to town back there, WWE HD, Punching someone in the d***, IBWIP on BTLS (we will finish this discussing next show), Cedric Benson, Zebra Sheets, Poo Stains, Keyna West, Drama/Kerry, Net Neutrality, Kung Foo Rooster, Dedication, Tumbling Meet in Kewanee, James and Robert’s wrestling injuries, Windows Stopped Working, R Kelly, Rooster’s Randoms, DTF’s, Remember the Chicks name, finishing on the face, Kinky enough?, Load of the Century, Diggin’ Deep, and Brooke Taylor.

This is a great edition of Vertebreaker! and worth a listen.

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