January 23, 2018

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show Episode #0017 (08/22/2008)

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show
Episode #0017 (08/22/2008)

This weeks podcast is featuring songs from either bootlegs or myspace music that Jared Morningstar and OneMoreName have reviewed at over the last year. Since there was not enough time to play ALL of these artists, there is a list below of the artists we talked about over the last year.

The following artists are featured:

The Racontours {Consoler Of The Lonely}
John Fogerty {Revival}
Justin Towens Earle {The Good Life}
Clutch {From Beale Street To Oblivian}
Joecephus and the GJM {Smothered and Covered}
Gun Shy {myspace music review}
Mudcrutch {Mudcrutch}
Melvins {Nude with Boots}
North Mississippi Allstars {Hernando}
Eleven Hundred Springs {Country Jam}
Watermelon Slim & the Workers {No Paid Holidays}
Fat Dave Crime Wave {Brothers and Sisters THIS is Rock N’ Roll}
Gus Lambros & Electric Mud {Bad Gamble}
Texas Rifles {myspace music review}
Black Oak Arkansas {retro}
Alice In Chains {retro}
Zane Campbell {Campbelation}
Gin Palace Jesters {Roadhouse Riot and other songs with words}
Hank Williams [reinstate hank.org talk}
Those Poor Bastards {The Plauge}
Omar & Jimmy {On The Jimmy Reed Hwy}
Mountain {Mans World}
Drive By Truckers {The Dirty South}
Dwight Yoakam {Dwight Sings Buck}
Fats Domino {Alive and Kickin’}

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