January 19, 2018

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show (05/16/2008) Episode #0010

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show (05/16/2008)
Episode #0010

This weeks featured Bootleg Artist is one of the very best blues/rock guitarist that we have left: Walter Trout and the Radicails. Recorded on 10/6/2006 in London, England, this is a smokin’ set from Walter Trout. And what turned out to be a special night for the fans as well. Since their organ/keyboard player had troubles, the show turned out to be a straight forward POWER TRIO set for the night… Priceless!!!

This week Jared Morningstar and Onemorename review the new release from the Raconteurs called “Consoler Of The Lonley”. Other artists this week included: Johnny Jessup, Lamitte and the other Fingers Band, Ministry and CO-conspirators, Matt Begley and Bitter Whiskey, the Melvins, Clutch and of course I end my show with some Zane Campbell!

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