February 23, 2018

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0006 “Hank Williams Sr. Special” with Beth Birtley

Hank Williams Sr. Special
(with Beth Birtley)

Here it is folks. Episode #6 of It Burns When I Pee. In this installment, we pay tribute to Hank Williams Sr. Hank would have been 84 years old on September 17th. We have a great interview with Beth Birtley from the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. We are going to play some of Hankís song preformed by the likes of Joey Allcorn, Hank III, Andy Norman, Hank Cash, and Jake Penrod. We will also be playing some of our favorite Hank songs preformed by the man himself. We will also have Jared Morningstar on the show and he will be reading an essay that he wrote about the late great Hank Williams. Donít forget to check out the new Section86 Wear at www.cafepress.com/Section86 for all your It Burns When I Pee merchandise needs. And finally, if you havenít checked out our other episodes, go to section86.com and download the following shows:

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