January 22, 2018

Vertebreaker! Episode #0013 “Chris Benoit… What happened?”

“Chris Benoit… What happened?”

This week’s edition is a VERY special show. Max Russell, Jon Midland, Peter Chestnut, Richard Dawson, James Edwood, Danny “Drama” Isherwood, and Ty Palmer talk about everything Chris Benoit and his messed up situation. We taped the show on June 30th.

All of our thoughts and prayers go out to the family’s of Chris and Nancy. “It’s time to start the healing process.” – Vince McMahon

Next week’s show is an extra hour long show with Max Russell, Jon Midland, and Peter Chestnut. We talk about a whole lot bout nothing. Check back on Thursday for this special show. And yes we are SERIOUSLY releasing shows once a week now. Be sure to check out It Burns When I Pee, a podcast from Blake Clayton.

We have decided to change the format around a little bit. We will always talk about wrestling, but we are adding some Pop Culture information. If we think its cool, we talk about it. Any questions? call (309) 761-4227. I listen and will call ALL phone calls!

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  1. I know you guys did not talk about anything special, but you needed to say something about chris benoit. May god have mercy on your soul.

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