November 24, 2017

Vertebreaker! Episode #0012 “Waxing Your Batman”

“Waxing your Batman”

This week’s edition is a special 35 minute show.  Max Russell, Jon Midland, and Peter Chestnut talk about everything including wrestling, waxing, and what is going on in the world. We taped the show on June 16th/17th. I would have put the show out earlier, but MSquared got married and Blake’s show did very well. We had to take one for the team. BUT, We taped 2 shows. Make sure to check back this weekend for a SPECIAL two part show. We will be covering the Benoit situation next week… Stay tuned.

We have decided to change the format around a little bit. We will always talk about wrestling, but we are adding some Pop Culture information. If we think its cool, we talk about it. Any questions? call (309) 761-4227. I listen and will call ALL phone calls!

Check out the site for lots of updates! VB! Episode #0012


  1. Glad to have you guys back. Thanks for all the support you and the team have given me and my show. You guys kick ass! Great friends and talented guys…. even Peter is kinda cool.

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