January 17, 2018

Vertebreaker! Episode #0010 “Sucked more than Occhi”

“Sucked more than Occhi”

This week’s edition is a special shitty edition of our show. There are numerous problems with audio, sync, and more shit than I can to talk about. Any ways, we talk about how shitty wrestling is and talk about nothing… This is probably the worst show I/we have EVER done. I promise next week’s show will be better and much longer. This week’s special guests include Michael Madison, Richard Dawson, Danny Isherwood, Alan Mainvein, Jon Midland, Max Russell, Peter Chestnut, and some 18 year old chicks that do not have a name.

We have decided to change the format around a little bit. We will always talk about wrestling, but we are adding some Pop Culture information. If we think its cool, we talk about it. Any questions? call (309) 761-4227. I listen and will call ALL phone calls!

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http://www.section86.com/ VB! Episode #0010

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